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The Cure to Your Sore and Cracked Nipples

“I’m so scared to bring my baby close to my breast."

If this phrase looks familiar to you, you’re in the right place!

That feeling of excruciating pain, and at the same time guilt and sadness for not enjoying breastfeeding, and for delaying every feeding, just to gain a little more time to recover…

I can feel you, mom! I’ve been there too. And probably most moms have gone through that too. The good news, you’re not alone. Another good news, things can be different. That ideal image in your mind of you breastfeeding your child, is possible.

So let’s get rid of that pain right away!

When dealing with nipple soreness, I have two simple rules:

1. Find something to soothe you or to heal the wounds. There’re many remedies that work well, but for me the simpler the better. My two favorite remedies to relieve soreness are: 1) Coconut oil (organic and extra virgin, please), it is soothing and hydrates your skin quickly, and it’s also antifungal! And 2) your own milk! Yes, your milk has healing properties, and they can make wonders. Just hand express a few drops after you breastfeed, and rub them on your nipple and leave it air dry.

If your nipples are cracked and bleeding, I also recommend to use a topical antibiotic, once or twice a day, such as Neosporin. But make sure you consult your physician first, to make sure it’s safe for you and your baby to use it.

2. Find the cause! Nipple soreness is caused most of the times by an incorrect latch. The nipple should land deep into your baby’s mouth at the soft palate. Otherwise, the friction caused by a shallow latch will hurt you.

There’re other causes for nipple soreness or cracks, such as yeast infections, eczema, or vasospasm at the nipple. But, they’re not as common. My advice is to find help to correct the latch, and if this isn’t working, then look for other reasons.

You don’t have to bear pain to breastfeed. In fact, you don’t suppose to. The sooner you find the cause of your pain, the easier will be to make things go back to normal.

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