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My baby bit me! Is it time to wean?

If you were breastfeeding your baby pass the appearance of his first tooth, you probably experience a bite.

This is not the most pleasant feeling, but this episode doesn't have to be the reason to wean. A bite is just a small challenge in your breastfeeding journey, which facing it with the right attitude, you will get over it soon.

Babies may bite for many reasons but mostly is because they're experimenting with their new teeth; they want to check what is this new equipment capable of. However, it is physically impossible to suck and bite at the same time. There's when you notice when your baby is getting closer to the end of the breastfeeding session, he stops for a moment, he may start playing with your nipple, and then he bites you. And here's my first tip: Try to watch for these moments and remove the nipple from his mouth before he even thinks about biting.

If no matter what you do, he bites you, then it's time to use your communication skills and let him know that that was not OK. Try not to scream, or shout "Ouch"! Babies can't understand most of your words, but they do understand your determination.

So this is my suggestion: instead of the "ouch screaming" (that, by the way, he will find hilarious), just remove your nipple from his mouth, place him away from your breast and the breastfeeding position, and tell him in a serious tone "you can't bite mommy, that is painful, and I don't like it. There's no more boob if you do that". The message is clear from your words and your actions: If you bite, there's no more breastfeeding.

Wait till he reacts to your actions. He should show you that he's not happy because he's been put away from the breast. Then, explain to him that he will be able to nurse again, as long as he won't bite you.

Some babies are uncomfortable when teething and they may urge to bite something to scratch their gums. Keep a teether close by when you nurse him, like in his hand or those teething necklaces, so he feels he can bite them at any time.

I hope these tips help you to overcome this teething phase, and if you have any questions or you want to share a cool tip, please write them in the comments!

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