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How Quarantine Affects Babies?

For the past week, I received a few calls from mammas worried that their babies seem fussier, hungrier, or waking up more often at night. And the common question was, is it something in my milk?

Ok, I want to stop here and ask you, how did the last three weeks affect your life?

We all have our lives upside down. We’re struggling every day to work, to buy some food, to keep our houses clean, homeschooling, keeping our mental sanity, etc., etc., etc.

Your baby -no matter how young he is- is also affected by all this craziness. More or fewer people than before probably surround him; your routine changed; your needs, your mood, everything; so his too. He might not be able to talk, but he’s trying to say, “Hey, what the heck?”.

Every time your baby cries, winning, moves, makes sounds, or changes his behavior, he is trying to tell you something, and he’s hoping you will satisfy his needs.

How can we help them to cope better with it?

First of all, lots of love. I’m serious. I know you love him. But, show it to him A LOT. And this applies to every age. My six-year-old, since the quarantine started, has been asking for hugs more than ever. Luckily, he can say it, but what he cannot tell me is that he’s missing that human contact he used to have with his friends, family, and teachers. Children need human contact to feel safe and secure, so we must keep giving it to them.

Is your baby not sleeping as he used to? I’m not surprised. Many milestones come together with a sleepiness child. And I’m comparing the situation with a milestone, because IT IS a big change for him, and he’s trying to adjust.

Try to keep some routines. I don’t mean you need to stick to a set schedule on your wall, just simple routines that you used to do, like bath time, or reading a book before bed, or singing a special song you sang for him when he wakes up. Try to keep these little “traditions” intact.

If you are breastfeeding, please keep it going. It is one of the constant things your baby has that helps to soothe him, and you’ll keep transferring your antibodies to strengthen his immune system.

If you were planning to wean, potty train, or change him to a bed, this is probably not the best time to make significant changes for him. Wait a few weeks until you see him more adapted to the new life, and then go ahead with your plans.

Let’s be patient (I tell that to myself every day). This won’t be forever. Take lots of pictures of your baby, and please, take one day at the time.

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